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The History of North Central District

In 1957 the Michigan Association of Hospital Auxiliaries created the North Central District (NCD).  The NCD is composed of the 20 most northern counties of the Lower Peninsula.


The North Central District is the second largest district in area in the MAHA. It stretches from Lake Huron on the east, to Lake Michigan on the west, to the Mackinac Bridge on the north, and to West Branch on the south.  There are 12 hospitals affiliated with the NCD, with approximately 2,188 auxilians/ volunteers.


North Central District



Michigan Association of Healthcare Advocates


The North Central District (NCD) is part of the state organization, Michigan Association of Healthcare Advocates, and is what your hospital auxiliary and you, the volunteer, are all about.  It is people loving and caring about people.  Over the years the role of the hospital volunteer has changed and expanded.  The NCD helps to meet these changes and needs and seeks solutions to problems by providing a forum for education and the exchange of ideas.


Currently there are eleven hospitals in Northern Michigan that belong to NCD.  We annually donate more than 300,000 service hours and more than $1,000,000 in funds to Michigan hospitals.


The Michigan Association of Healthcare Advocates (MAHA) was organized in 1948.  Its main objective is to provide support to the Michigan Hospital Association (MHA) and the American Hospital Association (AHA).  It also provides assistance to hospitals and health care facilities in the six MAHA districts in Michigan.


As a hospital auxilian/volunteer you are encouraged to attend the district and state meetings. NCD holds two meetings per year; the Annual Installation Meeting in May and a Fall Meeting in October with district hospitals taking turns hosting.


The state (MAHA) holds two meetings per year.  The Annual Meeting is held in June at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. The installation of state officers is conducted at this time. 


The Fall Conference is held in Mt. Pleasant at the Soaring Eagle, with each district taking a turn as hosts.  NCD hosts every sixth year.  At both the district and the state meetings an effort is made to bring in speakers who are experts in their field to inform, educate and entertain.  Advance registration is required.  Each hospital auxiliary pays for two attendee’s registration, or as many attendees as each organization can afford to send.



The North Central District assists member auxiliaries through:

Conferences and workshops                                                                                                        

Dissemination of information concerning health legislation

Providing an opportunity for the exchange of ideas

Preparing volunteers to better serve hospitals and take leadership roles in their auxiliaries



The purpose of North Central District is:

To encourage the development of existing hospital auxiliaries and to assist in the organization of new auxiliaries when requested by hospitals in the district.


To coordinate and exchange information mutually helpful to auxiliaries of the district and to promote fellowship and goodwill among these auxiliaries.


To encourage hospital auxiliaries/volunteers to continually assist their hospital in the improvement of patient care.


To participate in such other activities and/or programs as may be suggested and approved by the NCD Board and the MAHA, to the mutual benefit of Michigan hospitals.


To encourage health education and awareness of its importance.


To become familiar with current health legislation and to become active in   the passage of legislation beneficial to the needs of all Michigan hospitals and patient care services.                            



A Brief History of the North Central District

 In 1948 the need for an association of Hospital Auxiliaries became a reality.  At a meeting of the MAHA in 1957 the North Central District (NCD) was created.  It is composed of the 20 most northern counties of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and has 11 active hospitals.


The North Central District has the largest geographic area of the six MAHA districts.  It stretches from Lake Huron on the east to Lake Michigan on the west, to the Mackinac Bridge on the north and as far south as West Branch.


The North Central District Board consists of seven officers.  Individual hospitals are under the direction their own volunteer Boards.



 We encourage you to serve on the NCD Board.  There are two board meetings per year occurring before each district meeting.


Board Positions:

President                                 also serves on MAHA state Board

President-elect                        serves in absence of President / prepares for presidency                                

Membership                            prepares directory and compiles statistics for Highlights            

Legislation                              informs membership of updates

Recording Secretary               records minutes

Treasurer                                collects dues/keeps financial records                       

Counselor                               prepares slate of officers                               


Appointed Positions as needed:

Policy & By-laws            updates manual                 

Resource/Historian          keeps history

Member at Large              provides assistance as needed




The auxiliary meets nine times a year for general meeting with the executive board meeting two weeks earlier.  They have several very successful fund-raisers, plus the gift shop. Their biggest event is a Christmas Ball.  They usually raise over $30,000 dollars at this event.




The auxiliary meets 11 times a year with no separate board meetings.  At Christmas time they have the “Lights of Love” sale.  The gift shop is the biggest moneymaker.




They meet 12 times a year with about 12-15 members at meetings.  They have between 80-100 active members. The Gift Shop is the big money producer.  They enjoy a picnic in July and a potluck dinner in December.  




They have 6 luncheon meetings a year with 55-60 members present.  The Gift Shop is a good moneymaker plus the “Tree of Lights” sale, from which a large profit is realized.  Another big fund-raiser is “Tag Day,” when auxilians stand on the street corner on a specific planned day (much like the Salvation Army), and to solicit donations for the hospital.  They make from  $3,000-4,000 with this event.




They have a board meeting every month with 25-30 members attending.  There is one general meeting in the spring when the awards, etc. are presented.  Some interesting ways of raising money are a Home Tour, and a book on Benzie County, which has raised over $30,000. 




They meet every month, with the executive board and general membership together, and approximately 35-45 members present.  In addition to bake sales and the “Pink Awning” gift shop, they have a Dinner Dance in May. One of the bake sales is a “Choco-Mania” sale at which everything must have some chocolate in it!  At Christmas time, they have a “Cookie Walk,” which brings in approximately $1,000.



The board meets every month with general meetings in December and in the spring. Approximately 15 members plus the board attend.  The auxiliary is run “by committee,” with various people on the board taking turns conducting the meeting and doing other jobs.  This method seems to be working well for them.  They have been doing this for 3-4 years. They have a big Golf Classic in the spring, Lights of Love at Christmas time, and they sell many, many pasties in the fall. This generates a lot of money, but is a lot of work.




They hold a summer picnic and a membership luncheon, that approximately 30 members attend.  The Gift Shop opened  over a year ago, and it is doing very well.  They hold a Charity Ball in December and raise $6,000 or more. They have an ongoing cookbook project, which continues to be successful.




They hold 12 board meetings a year, and 6 general meetings sponsored by the hospital. One of the big money makers besides the gift shop is a Christmas Craft/Bake Sale/Raffle which brings in over $5,000.  People buy tables and only auxiliary members are allowed to participate.  The merchants help with prizes.  The auxiliary also has a “Tag Day” which also brings in a lot of money.




Ten Board meetings are held each year (no meeting in July and August), with about 12-15 members in attendance.  There is a Recognition Day and general meeting held in November, and a general meeting at the awards luncheon in April during Volunteer Week.  The gift shop is the biggest moneymaker raising over $75,000.  They also hold gold and uniform sales.  The auxiliary has pledged $300,000 over three years to the Capital Campaign for the enlargement and improvement of Northern Michigan Hospital.




The Munson Medical Center Volunteers held 11 board meetings and two general meeting last year.  The gift shop provides almost all of their funds with an unbelievable $86,000 for the month of December 2002, compared to $73,000 during December 2001.  They held two, two-day jewelry sales and raised over $10,000 at each.  One was held at the hospital and one at the Munson Community Health Center. In hopes to get people to join, the volunteers marched in the Harbor Days parade in Elk Rapids.  They were not able to get into the Cherry Festival Parade.




The board meets every month with between 20 and 25 attending.  They have redone their chapel with some help from the community.  They staff the Seton Center, which is a cancer center and a heart center.  They are both connected to the hospital. The auxiliary staffs a gift shop, and has a uniform sale. 

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